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Being Angry at the Right Person

Though my latest business trip was a complete blast, the trip back home was the absolute worst! 16 hours after I was supposed to land at my destination, I’m finally pulling up to my driveway to feed my deprived dogs that were only supposed to be home alone for a few, short hours between my […]

The big, detailed picture: best of both!

I’m just finishing up my first business trip with my most recent company and it’s been an extremely worthwhile experience for several reasons. Not only did I get a better overall view of the company as a whole by visiting their headquarters or home office (HQ), I’ve met some incredible people over the various sites, […]

Who empowers you?

What is empowered? According to dictionary.com the definition is as follows: I wanted to look into this definition because this word has become a huge buzz word for business, social media, women’s rights, employee engagement, and I’m sure many other societal facets that I’m not in touch with. The feeling I got from hearing this […]

Read the fine print on your ticket?

What I meant by “guarantees” in my last post was that there are certain requirements you’ll want to determine within your change improvement process that you can NOT compromise on. I understand there “are no guarantees in life.” But, if you’re paying for an outside vendor to help you with implementing improvements within your business, […]

You’re booked!

So the second portion of getting to your ideal situation via destination postcard after making a plan of action is of course ordering the ticket. Booking your transportation to your grand destination, a.k.a. investing in the method, program, or process that will get you and/or your team to the ideal situation, will require a lot […]

Vacation Time! Destination: The Flats!

How can you make an organization go flat? As I’ve constantly been stating, change does NOT happen overnight yet we need it in order to grow, personally and professionally. So, the same concept is going to be applied to when an organization is looking to transfer from a hierarchal structure to a flat(ter) structure, too. […]

Quality vs Quantity: should that even be a choice?

I had a lecture in my Production and Operations class with Dr. Ron Lembke this past week on Quality. When the topic was introduced, (shamefully) I groaned. I reacted this way because my current job is within the Quality department for a dietary supplements company and they’re planning on making some massive improvements throughout the […]

Organizing Habits

So I have to apologize: I got so excited with the experience I had earlier this week with brewing my first beer batch and how helpful Matt was that I forgot to mention my thoughts on manufacturing concepts from that experience! Once you’ve forgiven me, I have to tell you that not only was I […]

Shout or listen: that is the question

Similar to my last blog on internal relationships, leaders of companies need to demonstrate ever-increasing integrity to develop trust with their employees. This same approach needs to be applied to making and maintaining positive relationships outside of the organization; the relationships companies have with their customers are as important as the relationships with the employees. […]

Training, Training, Training

The biggest concern for companies and their hiring managers when recruiting is to have the following question answered: can that person do what we need them to do? From a personal standpoint, I struggle with this question. I mean, I’m a millennial with a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering degree from Georgia Tech (Go Jackets!) about […]


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