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Being Angry at the Right Person

Though my latest business trip was a complete blast, the trip back home was the absolute worst! 16 hours after I was supposed to land at my destination, I’m finally pulling up to my driveway to feed my deprived dogs that were only supposed to be home alone for a few, short hours between my […]

Shout or listen: that is the question

Similar to my last blog on internal relationships, leaders of companies need to demonstrate ever-increasing integrity to develop trust with their employees. This same approach needs to be applied to making and maintaining positive relationships outside of the organization; the relationships companies have with their customers are as important as the relationships with the employees. […]

Lucid Being💫

The Art Or Endeavour Of Being Lucid In A World We Live In... Secrets Of The Psychics... Energy, Universe, Futurism, Film, Empowerment...Digital Abstract Art Rendering...


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.



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