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Being Angry at the Right Person

Though my latest business trip was a complete blast, the trip back home was the absolute worst! 16 hours after I was supposed to land at my destination, I’m finally pulling up to my driveway to feed my deprived dogs that were only supposed to be home alone for a few, short hours between my […]

Unlimited Vacations: Too irresponsible?

I am about to begin my third week at my new job with Jet.com and I’m still grasping how they’re able to offer some incredible benefits, most obvious would be the unlimited vacation or paid time off, (PTO). I mean, you’re probably thinking what I am: who does that?! Especially since I already work 4-10’s […]

Can I measure a ROBA: Return on Being Awesome?

No, I’m not objectifying women body-parts because its an acronym, but it got your attention, yes? As I’ve given credit to a few very special people in helping me realize how to embrace and implement personal change, I wanted to also discuss how organizations, groups, or companies should be given credit for providing personal change. […]

Mean, Green, Production Machine!

The overwhelmingly positive response that the public and most governments have taken toward saving the environment has put significant pressure on companies, especially heavy manufacturers, to take actions to reduce their waste impact and even reverse the damages where possible. Though most Americans think that the 1960’s “Save the Earth” campaign or An Inconvenient Truth […]

Manufacturing: Full of Takers or Givers?

The desire to create something new or to improve on something already existing is a strong, basic instinct the human race demonstrates both on an individual scale as well as within groups and organizations. This was especially apparent during the Industrial Revolution when manufacturing dramatically increased the standard of living in first-world societies. Though the U.S. […]


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