No, I’m not objectifying women body-parts because its an acronym, but it got your attention, yes? As I’ve given credit to a few very special people in helping me realize how to embrace and implement personal change, I wanted to also discuss how organizations, groups, or companies should be given credit for providing personal change. […]

So to round off my thoughts from my last two posts about personal growth, (Going for the W and Personal and Business Growth: what’s the difference?) I wanted to share a thought that I’ve struggled and continue to struggle with, which can be applicable to anyone in any situation: “be the change you wish to see […]

To go off of my post from yesterday and the one about cross-training, I wanted to combine the two conclusion concepts together to provide a thought on how to mentor and lead your manufacturing team into a more nurturing and productive culture. I know in my recent termination and breakup I was not completely free […]

I am going to appear to be going slightly off topic than what I usually write about, but since the balance between your personal and business life is so vital in having a fulfilled life, I wanted to share something personal. I love the idea of a recovery versus a rebound. I love the idea […]

Cross-training is much more than just a popular exercise regimen. It’s a good business practice, especially in manufacturing, to have employees be competent in multiple roles in case of call-ins or no-shows so that production is not hindered from one process not being up and running. The value behind cross-training is undeniable and easy to […]

What I meant by “guarantees” in my last post was that there are certain requirements you’ll want to determine within your change improvement process that you can NOT compromise on. I understand there “are no guarantees in life.” But, if you’re paying for an outside vendor to help you with implementing improvements within your business, […]

So the second portion of getting to your ideal situation via destination postcard after making a plan of action is of course ordering the ticket. Booking your transportation to your grand destination, a.k.a. investing in the method, program, or process that will get you and/or your team to the ideal situation, will require a lot […]

How can you make an organization go flat? As I’ve constantly been stating, change does NOT happen overnight yet we need it in order to grow, personally and professionally. So, the same concept is going to be applied to when an organization is looking to transfer from a hierarchal structure to a flat(ter) structure, too. […]

Well, he may have a lot more to do with saving the world than Superman, surprisingly and arguably. “It’s not that easy…being green. Having to spend each day as the color of the leaves…” I know this is very cheesy, but I always giggle thinking of Kermit saying this phrase so morosely. Why couldn’t he […]

Now enters Goliath: the other extreme from my last post about quality. As opposed to the biblical tale, “Goliath” manufacturers don’t “lose” in the realm of quality assurance practices. They just have a different set of challenges to deal with than the smaller “David” companies. Instead of dealing with gaps in resource availability, bigger manufacturers […]




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