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“Just a little off the top…or not”

As mentioned previously, I am very thankful for people with servant leadership skills that look to help others without expecting anything in return. People with this mindset are set up to have incredibly loyal followers, which seems to be lacking in some industries, including manufacturing. I am NOT by any means saying that ALL manufacturers […]

Product Design Continued: D.I.Y.

To continue my introductory series on product design (see my first two posts: Product Overdesign and Harmony with Manufacturing), I wanted to delve into the question I find most difficult to answer when it comes to creating something new: how do you get the idea for a great-selling product? Obviously, a new product should satisfy […]

Product Design Continued: Harmony with Manufacturing

Adding more to my previous post on avoiding product overdesign, new products need to also be prepared for manufacturing appropriately or are manufacture-able, (yes, I made up a word). Or, better said: you got the idea, got the manual, got the parts, but do you have the engineering in place in order to make your […]

Is Less More? Avoiding Product Overdesign

Product design for manufacturing is the creative, technical and sometimes very expensive process to generating new sources of revenue; this is also my current dream job pursuit. The whole reason I got into chemical engineering was to (half-jokingly) design the most delicious cookie for a big food company. And, while my original expectations of throwing […]

Manufacturing: Full of Takers or Givers?

The desire to create something new or to improve on something already existing is a strong, basic instinct the human race demonstrates both on an individual scale as well as within groups and organizations. This was especially apparent during the Industrial Revolution when manufacturing dramatically increased the standard of livingĀ in first-world societies. Though the U.S. […]


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