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Support the Earth, not just America

With uncanny perfect timing, I have started my final Graduate Renewable Energy Certificate (GREC) class, (Principles of Sustainability for Business Application), in the same week that our new president has suspended funding for all research being conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency. Why? To “undergo an unspecified internal vetting process before sharing their work outside the […]

What does Kermit have to do with saving the World?

Well, he may have a lot more to do with saving the world than Superman, surprisingly and arguably. “It’s not that easy…being green. Having to spend each day as the color of the leaves…” I know this is very cheesy, but I always giggle thinking of Kermit saying this phrase so morosely. Why couldn’t he […]

Mean, Green, Production Machine!

The overwhelmingly positive response that the public and most governments have taken toward saving the environment has put significant pressure on companies, especially heavy manufacturers, to take actions to reduce their waste impact and even reverse the damages where possible. Though most Americans think that the 1960’s “Save the Earth” campaign or An Inconvenient Truth […]


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