Personal and Business Growth: what’s the difference?

To go off of my post from yesterday and the one about cross-training, I wanted to combine the two conclusion concepts together to provide a thought on how to mentor and lead your manufacturing team into a more nurturing and productive culture. I know in my recent termination and breakup I was not completely free of blame for lending to the downfall of either. I didn’t play the game of politics of releasing control to someone else in matters I deeply cared about: my career and my love life. But, in my desperation to control these priorities I lost everything…for the moment. I start to wonder how things could’ve been different if I adapted more of the cross-training mindset? Or what if the other parties involved also thought about what they could learn from me?

At the higher level thinking of the functionality, purpose, and benefits of cross-training within a business, well-rounded and balanced employees (the basic unit of the business) makes for a well-rounded and balanced company when you compound the concept logically. So, obviously I was imbalanced and “off my rocker” when it came to learning from the other parties in my recently destroyed relationships, (well…not entirely; I am sane, promise!). I didn’t invite the opportunity to learn in those moments, which goes completely against the cross-training mentality that businesses can and do use to become more successful because they can think beyond themselves, their small piece within the big picture, and realize that their actions do have ripple effects throughout the organization.

Now, I tend to be one to be more considerate of others before myself thanks to my mother’s teachings about the Golden Rule, (Hi, Mom!). And though this approach may not be for everyone right now in the manufacturing world and the bottom line they’re trying to achieve, this lifestyle concept will need to be quickly adapted into the business world, too. The line between our professional and personal lives is increasingly being blurred based on our value and lifestyle choices plus the availability of information that we have on other peoples’ and businesses’ lives through the Internet and social media. Culture is starting to be a bigger factor of the business world, especially in manufacturing where the Industrial Age mindset has held the title of supreme leader when it comes to how leadership runs, manages, and treats the rest of the organization and the company’s loyal customers.

The company’s ability to adjust to this new stance will affect the bottom line in a positive way. By practicing the preaching and teachings of putting others before yourself, wanting others to grow into themselves, respecting others for their opinions, avoid the “this is the way we’ve always done it” while also being aware of the current state of disarray, and being completely open to new ideas while still holding strong to the core values of your lifestyle and business will be a big, yet sustainable and prosperous, undertaking.

What would you be a characteristic you’d be open to improving on that you haven’t yet or one you’ve already started working on to improve yourself and/or your business?

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